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Next EALA speaker should unite the house-Mao

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao says the next Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) should be impartial and will have to work towards uniting the house which was divided.

Mao’s comments come after hearing of the impeachment of East African Legislative Assembly Speaker Margaret Nantongo Zziwa.

The Ugandan politician was kicked out of the position by a majority vote of 36 members who voted in favour of the motion, two opposed and one refused to vote.

Speaking to the NewVision, the former Gulu district chairperson said the decision of impeaching Zziwa is a sign of the rule of law in the East African community.

“She (Zziwa) was given enough time to defend herself in the court. She should respect the decision,” he said.

Ms Zziwa through her lawyers had sought an order prohibiting the house from convening on Wednesday to impeach her saying it was illegal.

Mao said EALA is a young institution that should not be brought down by Zziwa’s impeachment.

“It is the first of its kind. What happened to her (Zziwa) is a personal tragedy. We pray that her Ugandan successor will unite and take the institutional ahead,” he added.

Pulkol speaks out.

Former Director-General of Uganda’s External Security Organisation (ESO) and as well as the former Executive Chairman of the African Leadership Institute (AFLI) David Pulkol said the impeachment is a sign of the rule of law.

“Her impeachment shows that good governance is following laws and regulations, but not putting individuals first. The decision to impeach her was done legally without breaking any law,” he added

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