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Mbabazi in-law: NRM meet was manipulated to favour Museveni

PARLIAMENT- A sister-in-law to former prime minister Amama Mbabazi, yesterday accused unnamed ruling party leaders of stage-managing events at the recently concluded National Conference.

Ms Hope Mwesigye told Daily Monitor yesterday that the alleged manipulation was carried out to help the NRM chairman, President Museveni, get his way in the disputed amendments to the party constitution.

In an e-mail, Ms Mwesigye, the former Agriculture minister and current NRM chairperson for Kabale District, also attacked the ‘new’ NRM as a vehicle for what she referred to as dictatorship bent on perpetuating Mr Museveni in power in disregard of constitutional procedures.

‘Sham process’
The former minister rejected the changes which were made to the NRM constitution as an illegality. Her brother-in-law, Mr Mbabazi, who has denied accusations that he is plotting to challenge Mr Museveni in 2016, lost his post as NRM secretary general as a consequence of the amendments.

“The whole process was manipulated and stage-managed all through, non-members; crime preventers trained in Kabalye were the majority in front seats and cheering and voting, it was so sham ... and disgusting,” Ms Mwesigye said.

“That’s why people refused to vote either way. There was an internal coup d’état. What it really all means is that the NRM party belongs to the chairman, as abolishing SG and Treasurer only leaves one office of the chairman,” she added.

But the NRM deputy spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo, last evening said Ms Mwesigye needs “psychiatric help”. He told Daily Monitor that on the basis of the relationship her sister has with the former prime minister, she took a line that the secretary general position is a family affair.

The NRM National Conference on Monday adopted several constitutional amendments and empowered the party chairman to hire and fire the secretary general, deputy secretary general, treasurer and deputy treasurer.

Explaining her understanding of the amendments, Ms Mwesigye said: “NRM is Museveni and Museveni is NRM. [There is] no democracy at all, people’s power to choose their leaders is taken over [and] dictatorship taking shape...”
Information minister Rose Namayanja yesterday also accused Ms Mwesigye of “indiscipline” and peddling lies to mudsling the ruling party.

“If that’s what Ms Mwesigye is saying, then, it’s unfortunate. There was no foul play, the amendments were discussed and majority voted in favour. What we did was to strengthen internal democracy by ensuring that we [have]
transparent primaries and election of party structures..,” Ms Namayanja said.

The Minister for Presidency, Mr Frank Tumwebaze, said the former minister’s “outbursts are driven by emotions and, therefore, illogical”. He advised her to go to court and challenge the process.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga advised Ms Mwesigye to file a formal complaint with the party for police to investigate the allegation that crime preventers participated in the voting process. He also clarified that “crime preventers are civilians” and that as police, they do not know the criteria the NRM used to select the delegates.

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